Oberoi Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Our Services

The Markandey Powder Coatings are produced in three basic generics: Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester and Pure Polyester systems. Each generic product is available in a wide variety of finishes, levels of glass and numerous shades. We offer a total of shades at present new shade are being added continuously

Our Specialty:

To develop tailor made products as per as customer requirement. Care To Be Taken While Applying Powder Coatings:

  • .Do not mix powder of two different companies.
  • .The surface should be free from oil, dust, corrosion and should be dry (i.e. there should be no moisture deposited on it).
  • .The surface should be pre-treated by pre-treatment chemicals.

  • Available Shades:
  • RAL, IS5(Indian Shade Card)and other tailor made products.

  • Services:
  • .Manufacturer of Powder Coating Paints.
  • .Manufacturing And Trading Of Paints, Oil, & Thinner.
  • .Trading of Powder Coating Guns.